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  1. present participle of wall

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Waling (वालीङ) is a town in the central west hill region of Nepal. It is in the Adhikhola valley in the Syangja district of Gandaki Zone of Nepal. It is on the Siddhartha Highway, between Pokhara and Butwal.
The name Walling is said to have been derived from the word 'Wali', which is actually the song that the women folk sing in groups as they plant the paddy in the fields. Walling is famous for its green paddy fields along the banks of Aadhikhola River and its tributaries. People used to visit this place in the monsoon to watch and listen these many groups of these women singing in the rain the "wali' song while planting the paddy.
This place has recently grown into an academic town. Walling campus is a Tribhuwan University affiliated undergraduate college which is the first college in the district. Purnamrit Bhawani High school is a well known high school in the region for both its academic achievement and the beautiful school campus. Pioneers English Boarding School, Bhu Pu Sainik English School, BAL Vidhhya Vikash English School, Adarsha English Boarding School are the private high schools. There are a couple of primary schools. There is also a paramedic training school.
A health center with inpatient and outpatient facilities is being built with the assistance of Indian embassy. Walling is gateway to many small villages in the Syangja district and neighboring Palpa and Parbat district. Recently the place has also emerged as the administrative center for the western Syangja district, with government offices for the passport and citizenship.
There are many lodges, restaurants and clothing, food and book stores. The place is well connected to Pokhara by microbuses, taxis and buses. There are about half a dozen buses that leave to Kathmandu from walling each day. It is also connected to other big cities in the country like Butwal,Nepalgunj and Birgunj
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